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Performance Optimization

Monitoring website function to allow the amplification of availability, accessibility, security and overall performance.

As your site evolves over time, so too should the code that runs it. A site that was once fast loading may have slowed as new content was added or modified. Perhaps you’ve experienced a drop-off in website visits, or the pages don’t load as well as they should on mobile devices. Maybe it takes ages to pull up your site when you’re not on WiFi, or your site keeps getting dropped because you’re maxing out the resources of your server. At Crowd Favorite, we monitor your website’s performance to determine the best ways to consistently optimize your code for speed.

Where We Excel At
Improving Website Function

When it comes to website performance, our team has seen (and done) it all - from managing eCommerce sites with thousands of transactions a minute, to maintaining entertainment websites during awards shows with hundreds of thousands of visits a minute, to working with hosting providers over decades to build websites of all sizes. No matter your industry or the size of your company, website performance is always something that must be taken into account.


Our Unique Approach to
Performance Optimization

Keeping your site loading quickly is key to both visitor engagement and search engine ranking. Caching is one piece of the puzzle, and Crowd Favorite works to ensure that we’re optimally using your web hosting provider’s caching setup. Additionally, we leverage code optimization so that, even when content is uncached, it is still able to load quickly. Our multifaceted approach to performance optimization involves refactoring code, rewriting queries and replacing older functionality with newer, more effective versions. By identifying every possible opportunity to boost your website performance, we will provide you with faster website loading times - which translates to improved customer experience, especially on mobile, and higher search rankings.

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