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End of Year Website Prep

As the holidays draw near, retail brands are looking for ways to stand out in the crowded marketplace. The following strategies will help businesses succeed in a highly competitive environment, check out our key tips for an end of year website prep list.

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Key Takeaways

Focus on Customer Experience

Prioritizing customer experience ensures a personalized and seamless user experience (UX). Technology plays a key role in this improved customer experience. The first step is understanding your customer, then choosing the right digital partner to create the ideal experience. When the digital experience is intuitive, companies automatically gain an advantage over the competition. A seasoned digital partner can help achieve an advantage with the right website prep and roadmap.

Strive for Scalability and Flexibility

Scalability and flexibility are possible when a website is built on a solid technical platform. This ensures your website can adjust as your business grows and evolves. Customers are looking for quick site speed. No matter how much consumers like your products, they want pages that load immediately, with an easy to use interface. Seamless customer experiences lead to more conversions.

Integrate with Legacy Systems

Outdated legacy systems can slow down an operation. Unfortunately, replacing these systems can be costly and disruptive. An Open Source solution can be customized to connect your legacy system to your new digital platforms. Leveraging Open Source connections also allows integrations between any marketing, operational, or business software. This customization will upgrade performance in a cost-effective way.

Make the Most of Real-Time Analytics

The amount of data can seem overwhelming. By focusing on user experience and conversion goals, data can be applied to support conversions. Customer behavior trends help shape strategies and decisions that lead to increased sales. Additionally, data can be used in conjunction with AI or machine learning to generate new trends and predictions.

Centralize Product Inventory

Custom API integrations can sync all databases into a centralized website experience. This makes updates and new product additions simple, quick, scalable, and accurate for your marketing teams. A system that is easy to use for your team is just as important as one that delivers a great experience to your customers.

By making sure your site covers all the bases, you can position your business for success — no matter how stiff the competition becomes.
– Jason Rosenbaum

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