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FavCreate | May 2023

Our May 2023 FavCreate teams worked on four projects starting with proof of concept, prototype/demo, and ending with presentations during our monthly company meeting.

Published on by Bogdan Fireteanu, Managing Partner EMEA

Welcome to FavCreate May 2023!

Welcome to FavCreate's Spring 2023 installment, where our Crowd Favorite team takes a break from the daily grind to focus on our own innovative digital ideas. Our talented team submitted ideas, formed teams, and set to work on a two-day hackathon known as FavCreate! The FavCreate May 2023 was the best we've had! The ideas were wide-ranging and illustrated some great thinking from the teams. Each idea could evolve to be a service, a product, and a part of our day-to-day work.

This event took place in our Romanian Office and included a special guest: Pat Ramsey, Director of Technology, who traveled from the States to spend time with the team. The Saturday after the event, our team and their families met in Comana Natural Park, just south of Bucharest for a trail hike followed by a delicious feast at the hotel just outside the park.  It was a great way to celebrate another successful FavCreate!

Think it. Make it. Test it. Break it. Fix it. Save it.
FavCreate it.

What is FavCreate?

Twice a year, we gather together in teams for two action-packed days of creativity and coding. The end result of FavCreate is not only a recharged team of Favoriteers, but also a handful of impressive digital solutions to be shared with our company and clients.

FavCreate Digital Projects

Our May 2023 FavCreate teams worked on four projects starting with proof of concept, prototype/demo, and ending with comprehensive presentations during our monthly company meeting.

Here's a summary of the innovative projects for the 2023 FavCreate event:

Crowd Favorite FavCreate Project: Streamline your CI/CD Workflow

Crowd Favorite CI

We created a reporting and monitoring dashboard for our in-house CI/CD tool to provide real-time visibility into your application so issues can be resolved quickly.

Crowd Favorite FavCreate Project: Election Eye

Election Eye

Election Eye is a digital solution that was built for monitoring the counting of votes during elections in order to minimize inaccurate counts due to fraud and corruption.

Crowd Favorite FavCreate Project: Experiments with GPT4

GPT4 Experiments

The goal for this project was to leverage the power of AI to improve code quality by adhering to established standards and providing error identification and explanations.

Crowd Favorite FavCreate Projects: Kids Place


KidsPlace is a mobile application that was built with a collection of fun, free games without the interruption of advertisements that are not appropriate for children.

And the Winner is...

Each team presented an impressive example of their digital idea and gave us much to think about, but in the end, the winning team was GPT4 Experiments! The names of the team members: Hamza Mumtaz, Moustafa Gouda, Alex Muscalu, and Nelu Moraru will be added to the FavCreate trophy for the next 6 months until we hold our next installment. Congratulations to everyone on another successful FavCreate!

Looking to Make a Move?

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Crowd Favorite's 2023 FavCreate event