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FavCreate | May 2024

Our team took a refreshing break from the daily grind to dive into innovative digital ideas during our two-day hackathon. This year’s event showcased some of the most creative and promising ideas we've ever seen.

Published on by Bogdan Fireteanu, Managing Partner EMEA

Welcome to FavCreate May 2024!

Welcome to FavCreate's May 2024 installment, where our Crowd Favorite team once again took a break from the daily grind to focus on our own innovative digital ideas. Our talented team submitted ideas, formed teams, and set to work on a two-day hackathon known as FavCreate! This year's event featured some of the most creative and promising ideas we have ever seen. Taking place in our Romanian office, we had the pleasure of welcoming Jason Rosenbaum, our COO, who traveled from the States to join us and share his insights.

After two days of intense brainstorming and development, the team celebrated their hard work with a delightful dinner out in Romania. It was the perfect way to unwind and bond after a successful event. The May 2024 FavCreate not only showcased the team's ingenuity but also strengthened our sense of community and collaboration. We are excited to see how these innovative ideas will evolve and impact our work in the future.

Think it. Make it. Test it. Break it. Fix it. Save it.
FavCreate it.

Global Collaboration

The FavCreate event is the ideal opportunity to highlight the incredible diversity and global reach of our distributed teams. Our talented professionals span across numerous countries, bringing unique perspectives and expertise to our collaborative efforts. From Romania to Egypt, the UK to the US, and Canada to Pakistan, our team members work seamlessly together, overcoming time zones and geographical boundaries to deliver outstanding results. This international presence not only strengthens our capabilities but also enriches our company culture, fostering an environment of inclusivity and innovation.

FavCreate Digital Projects

In May 2024, our FavCreate teams tackled three projects, progressing from proof of concept and prototype/demo stages to delivering comprehensive presentations at our monthly company meeting.

Here's a summary of the 2024 FavCreate projects:

CrowdSync - A FavCreate Project

Crowd Sync

Moving data through our internal tools. The Sifter, GitHub & Productive "One App to Rule Them All" Edition.

Core Web Vitals Tracker - A FavCreate Project

Core Web Vitals Tracker

Core Web Vitals Tracker is a tool designed to monitor, record, and provide a history of the site's performance, accessibility, best practices, and SEO.

CF Redirect - A FavCreate Project

CF Redirect

CF Redirect is a robust redirect management system designed to streamline and optimize URL redirection processes for modern web applications.

And the Winner is...

The 2024 FavCreate TrophyEach team presented a wonderful example of their idea and gave us much to think on, but in the end the winning team was Crowd Sync: Sifter – Productive – Github! The names of the team members (Alex Nitu, Hamza Mumtaz, Moustafa Gouda, Mamdouh Zaqout and Nicolas Bottari) have been added to the new trophy for the next 6 months until we hold our next installment. All bragging rights to those folks!! Thank you for your help making this a great time for all and thank you all of the teams for all they shared and did!

Looking to Make a Move?

Central to our core is an ongoing commitment to create a rewarding workplace, one that empowers you to solve challenges, seize opportunities, and build a career that you’ll love. At Crowd Favorite, we are always looking for talented people to join our global team. Visit our Careers page, we'd love to talk!

Collage of photos from Crowd Favorite's May 2024 FavCreate event