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Mannix Marketing

Mannix Marketing had a clear destination for their digital transformation, but needed an experienced partner like Crowd Favorite to guide them along the way.

Mannix Marketing had a clear destination for their digital transformation, but needed an experienced partner like Crowd Favorite to guide them along the way.

Mannix Marketing, an award-winning digital marketing company, was in the midst of enhancing their website’s performance. They wanted an experienced partner that could quickly vet the completed work for best practices and audit the site for any additional performance steps that might be gained prior to completing their digital transformation journey.


Mannix Marketing was several phases into their digital transformation journey and wanted to ensure they were taking the right steps for their website. Crowd Favorite was asked to conduct a performance audit in tandem with the digital solution implementation, creating a well-rounded concurrent solution.

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The Mannix Marketing website was built well, with robust solutions, and performing in the upper ranges of quality performance. The goal was to create a highly performant, responsive site, that allowed for design improvements without sacrificing speed or performance.

Because the website was live and being updated daily, Crowd Favorite created a secondary secure site to test the various updates and modifications Mannix Marketing had planned. This allowed Mannix Marketing to keep their site running without any issues, while testing all their digital upgrades to see how they would impact the site.

Crowd Favorite worked with Mannix Marketing to conduct rapid discovery and identify the key pages for live audits. This rapid process led to a deeper understanding of Mannix Marketing’s business needs and created opportunities to recommend solutions that would not inhibit those needs.

Crowd Favorite highlighted specific items to net the biggest results:

  • Reducing page load time by only loading the fonts needed, rather than the entire library
  • Leveraging WP Rocket’s pre-connect to reduce load times based on round-trip processes
  • Reviewing images for optimized size, format, and file type

The Crowd Favorite Team is professional, knowledgeable and excellent at communicating, we are grateful for the opportunity to work with such a skilled team.

Sara Mannix
CEO, Mannix Marketing


Mannix Marketing Results

Being able to test the updates in a secure location before execution allowed Mannix to make the best decisions along their digital journey.

The Key Page Performance Audit allowed Mannix Marketing to know how the updates would affect their live site, and they were able to proceed using the recommendations from Crowd Favorite. Because of the testing and audit, they were able to have a full report and projection for their updates. Once the project was completed, Mannix Marketing had a performant road map that would help guide them along the rest of their digital transformation journey and protect the performance of their site.

In today’s digital landscape it's imperative that sites are designed, developed, and built to load and function quickly. Performance Audits can help determine issues surrounding your site. The following stats show just how important a performant site can be:

  • Page speed has a direct impact on user experience and conversion rates
  • 53% of mobile site visits were abandon if a page took longer than 3 seconds to load
  • Pinterest reduced perceived wait times by 40%, increasing search engine traffic and sign-ups by 15%

Crowd Favorite’s ability to test and audit the updates for the site before they went live, reduced stress for the Mannix Marketing team, and led to a successful outcome. To learn more about our Site Audit Packages, contact us here.

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