More mobile, savvy SEO, and Crowd Favorite Australia

Posted 7 years ago by Karim Marucchi, CEO

Crowd Favorite currently delivers professional services in design and engineering to Fortune 500 companies, often connecting their existing back office systems with web-facing applications. Today Crowd Favorite is happy to announce several partnerships that will expand our suite of services for Enterprise clients.

Mobile development

Crowd Favorite is proud to announce a partnership with Zeek Interactive that bolsters our existing mobile development services. A company long-known and trusted for its work with mobile applications, Zeek’s expertise in mobile development, along with its deep understanding of WordPress and its various APIs, make it a perfect partner for mobile application development. We couldn’t be more excited to work directly with our trusted friend Steve Zehngut.

SEO services

We also want to announce our new partnership with Web Savvy Marketing. For years Web Savvy Marketing has provided small businesses with enterprise-level SEO services alongside their WordPress development and theme store. We’re proud to offer these SEO services to our existing customers who ask for more than development support. Anyone who knows Rebecca Gill knows how thrilled we are to work with her directly and we couldn’t be more honored to have her join the Crowd Favorite crew.

These two partnerships will allow Crowd Favorite to bring a complete solution to large customers who want mobile, development, and SEO services without requiring Crowd Favorite to expand its core offerings or move outside its core competencies.

Crowd Favorite opening in Australia

Among Crowd Favorite’s core competencies is the international growth of our team in support of our clients. As our client roster in East Asia continues to grow, so does our organization continue to extend across the globe. To fulfill these clients’ needs we explored many ways to provide localized account management and specialized best-of-breed services to them in the Eastern Hemisphere.

Having already developed a working relationship and friendship with Ben May of Alyte Creative in Australia, formalizing what was already a good fit was the natural next step.

Accordingly, we are pleased to announce Ben May as the new Managing Director of Crowd Favorite Australia. Ben has experience in delivering enterprise software development projects for Australian businesses and government bodies. He understands what it means to bring WordPress (development and hosting) into large institutions in Australia and the surrounding region. We feel that his experience and passion make him a natural fit for Crowd Favorite as we continue to expand our international business.

With his partnership, we anticipate accomplishing great things as we build the foundation for supporting our new ventures in this part of the world.