National Geographic Kids Blogs re-launch on WordPress

Published on by Devin Reams

The team at Crowd Favorite is proud to announce the re-launch of the National Geographic Kids Blog on WordPress.

The team at Kids was very clear and concise in what would make their blogs successful:

  • privacy and protection for kids to leave comments
  • clean, simple content presentation
  • whimsical headers for each blog “mini” blog subject area

Crowd Favorite helped migrate the content from Movable Type to WordPress and merge five separate blogs into one WordPress blog broken out using a custom taxonomy. Using this custom taxonomy per-blog allows all the content to live in the same blog, but have custom headers, ads, and landing pages to appear as if they're still separate blogs.

Overall, a shared ‘parent theme' used to power other National Geographic blogs was used, and the Crowd Favorite design team worked to merge the standardized design with the custom Kids styles and treatment so the on-site experience across Kids properties remained consistent.

Be sure to visit the National Geographic Kids Blog to see them in action.