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Open Source
Alternatives to Sitecore

Part One: Sitecore Content Management

Learn how enterprise marketers are leveraging a suite of Open Source Content Management tools to perform the same tasks as Sitecore at a fraction of the cost.

Published on by Karim Marucchi, CEO

Welcome to our ongoing series about Open Source Alternatives to Sitecore. Once you’re done reading Part One: Sitecore Content Management, you might be interested in Part Two: Customer Data Management and Part Three: Personalization & A/B Testing.

Welcome Back!

You might also be interested in Part Three of our ongoing series about Open Source Alternatives to Sitecore, which covers Personalization & A/B Testing.

Welcome Back!

You might also be interested in Part Two of our ongoing series about Open Source Alternatives to Sitecore, which covers Customer Data Management.

We often have clients come to us asking about Sitecore when they need to scale and grow their marketing. They are looking for more features, more scale, and more agility to propel marketing forward. We see a lot of surprise when showing them fully integrated solutions built on Open Source frameworks, such as WordPress, Drupal & Laravel, which can and already do power complete solutions that perform the same tasks as Sitecore at a fraction of the cost.

Today you are no longer faced with replacing “one composable platform,” like Sitecore, with a hodgepodge of Open Source tools. For example, a WordPress-based solution can provide the same abilities that Sitecore offers, with an even more flexible package. We want to break down some of these features and show you just how. We will start with their promise of “Content Management. Create, manage and deliver content across unlimited channels and markets.”

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Open Source Alternatives to Sitecore

In this ongoing article series, we'll explore cost-effective Open Source alternatives to proprietary platforms like Sitecore.


Content Management:
Create, Manage, and Deliver Content Across Unlimited Channels and Markets

Content Management

Sitecore advertises Content Management that can “create, manage and deliver content across unlimited channels and markets.” This is achievable with Open Source solutions, like WordPress. WordPress makes up more than 43% of the websites on the internet vs 0.1% of Sitecore and empowers marketers to create, manage, and deliver content across unlimited channels and markets. While the number one criticism around WordPress is that it is a small business tool, the truth is that sites like serve millions of visitors a day, and have a complex editorial process with enterprise grade tools. Their content team relies on a customized WordPress platform. This has become the standard in easy-to-use content publishing interface and it is a great platform foundation that can be expanded as needed, capable of supporting intricate web solutions all at a fraction of the Total Cost of Ownership.

Deliver Standout Content at Scale

“Display content on unlimited sites, channels and devices: take your content to your customers.” We all know that as your business grows, the ability to deliver standout content at scale becomes critical. With the increasing availability of new digital channels that expand past the web into live events, digital devices, entertainment channels and more, the concept of Omnichannel is more important than ever. If your team is facing this challenge, an Open Source solution is more important than ever. Using an Open Source platform, such as WordPress, as your content hub delivers the most powerful solution to easily connect to today’s channels as well as all the ones that may be invented in the future. It also allows you to own your roadmap in a very real sense. Whether you want to distribute to new channels or you want to use the open API tools to connect to new systems, Open Source will give you the most options.

Give Developers More Agility

“Enable framework choice - Angular, React, Next.js and more - alongside front-end separation with Headless.” Today’s digital landscape demands developer agility and Sitecore is not the only place to find it. Open Source solutions integrate smoothly with popular development frameworks such as Angular, React, and Next.js. Plus, WordPress’s REST API can be utilized for headless CMS implementations, providing the “Headless” front-end separation required to meet unique design and performance needs. This combination of flexibility and high performance with the lower Open Source adaptation costs gives enterprise brands a true choice in today's digital landscape.

Handle Complex Content Needs

“Create content across thousands of different touchpoints and in unlimited languages.” Handling complex content needs, including multiple languages and touchpoints, can be a daunting task. However, WordPress plugins like MultilingualPress Pro make managing multilingual content a breeze. All leading eCommerce platforms have WordPress integrations and enable multichannel retailing, allowing businesses to reach customers through numerous touchpoints. These solutions, coupled with the expansive Open Source community, offer answers to the complex content needs without costly specialized software.

Write Once, Deliver Everywhere

“Create everything centrally to save time and cost, and serve instantly via a high-performance global cloud CDN.” WordPress’s motto “Write once, publish anywhere,” emphasizes this approach, bolstered by Open Source CDNs like Cloudflare that reduce bandwidth costs, improve website load times, and ensure content is served swiftly across multiple sites, channels, and devices. In tandem with WordPress, these CDNs enhance data security, handle traffic surges, and ensure your content reaches audiences efficiently wherever they may be.

Real World Success Story: Victaulic

Crowd Favorite helped Victaulic, a leader in global manufacturing, master its product inventory system by building a custom catalog for wholesale distribution using an Open Source eCommerce check-out system that generated 100’s of leads weekly. This project resulted in a single source of truth for product inventory of over 16,000 SKUs that updates easily, reduces cost, increases accuracy and allows for scalability. Victaulic is able to add new products and make updates faster, which allows them to more quickly deliver products and information to their distributors and clients, reducing overall time to market. READ MORE

Leveraging Open Source for Both Cost Savings and Marketing Innovation

Open Source solutions provide cost-effective and versatile alternatives to expensive proprietary platforms, delivering robust content management, scalability, developer flexibility, and efficient content distribution to a global audience. Whether an organization is focused on total cost of ownership and stability, seeking a system of interchangeable, enterprise-ready modules, or aiming to pioneer innovation by leveraging the vast WordPress plugin ecosystem for quick, low-cost proof of concepts, Open Source offers the chance to iterate swiftly, invest wisely, and scale with diverse options, granting greater flexibility than most proprietary or SaaS-based systems.

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