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Optimizing Digital Customer Experiences

Digital shopping continues to grow. To maintain competitiveness, brands must work on optimizing digital Customer Experiences (CX). Retailers must focus on personalizing their customers’ experience with every interaction. Digital solutions for eCommerce websites improve shopping experiences and boost customer loyalty.

Woman ordering on laptop with credit card: Optimizing Digital Customer Experiences

Key Takeaways

Use Data to Personalize CX

Retailers need to use data to personalize the Customer Experiences (CX). The right data points will inform a retailer’s message targeting, communication frequency, and show which channels are getting the most return on investment. Analyzing data from eCommerce extensions will help retailers understand what attracts customers. Customer patterns can help retailers determine where they're getting the most return on their investment. For example, data can help retailers understand which products are frequently purchased together in order to inform promotions or targeted coupons.

Cultivate Stronger Relationships

Customer feedback will always be a retailer's biggest opportunity to improve. Using customer engagement tools like surveys, promotions, and reviews to hear from shoppers in real-time. Enlisting customers in the process of bettering your products shows a commitment to meeting their needs. Digital personalization experiences and the Progressive Profiling plugin can help build useful customer profiles.

The brands that survive, and even thrive, through this retail shift will be diligent with their data and consistently optimizing the customers’ digital experience.
– Meghan Goetz

Use Technology Wisely

It can be tempting to react to technology trends to keep up with competitors, but it’s important that retailers use technology wisely. To ensure a positive customer experience (CX), retailers need a digital experience platform that integrates the entire organization. Most digital solutions now will incorporate your current marketing workflow, as well as link to data sources and eCommerce platforms. The right digital partner can help retailers simplify the user experience, improve navigation, and anticipate customer needs.

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