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Published on by Devin Reams

pmarcaCrowd Favorite worked on the personal blog of Marc Andreessen, venture capitalist and entrepreneur. We were pleased to help the prolific blogger and internet figure re-launch his blog on WordPress.

Rapid design implementation

We were handed the layered design files and asked to help launch Marc's blog as fast as possible while still doing a top-notch job. Leveraging the Carrington theme framework, we quickly translated the designs into a WordPress theme and handed it over to the VIP team. Since they’re familiar with our work, we had no problem passing the code review and launching the site in mere days.

VIP-level site launch

Working in conjunction with the VIP Hosting team, we were able to work as a team and quickly import existing blog posts, configure the domain, implement the theme, and re-launch the site as a WordPress blog. Design by Katie Bush Design

Visual design provided by Katie Bush Design.