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Heru Website Redesign

Heru partnered with Crowd Favorite to design and launch a new online presence to improve the quality of life for millions of patients with visual disorders.

Heru Website Redesign

Website Redesign Resulted in

  • 3x increase in traffic and 4x increase in conversions
  • Full site design with the focus on usability, conversions, and bringing the Heru brand to life
  • e-Commerce product ordering with subscription and per usage billing
  • API integrations into bespoke customer portal
  • Deep Hubspot integrations to improve conversations and messaging
  • Performant interactive animations, WCAG 2.1A Accessible

Let's Work Together!

Crowd Favorite has a long history partnering with Brands and Enterprise Organizations in the Healthcare Industry. Looking for a new design, website, or better UX for your audience? Let us help!