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Digital Experience Platform

An Open-Source alternative to expensive proprietary Content Management and Digital Experience platforms

DXP Whitepaper

Digital Experience Platforms (DXP's) manage & extend the customer lifecycles in vast new ways, yet many  proprietary DXP's available today fall short, find out what the advantages are of a truly Open Source DXP.

Find out how an Open Source DXP, can use a combination of off the shelf tools and technology to start fueling results for your business today.

The Open Source Software
Alternative to AEM & Sitecore

Crowd Favorite is proud to be the original agency to introduce Open Source alternatives and scale WordPress during a time when most large-scale content management systems were still reliant on licensed platforms. We stood shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients such as the Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, NBC Sports and Volkswagen as early as 2007, during the first migration of the Enterprise and Fortune 1000 to Open Source technology.

Crowd Favorite was again the first mover in bringing the WordPress Platform past a scalable publishing system for publishers and truly into the enterprise as a complete CMS/DXP. Crowd Favorite has been working closely with WP Engine since its founding, and we have a history of sharing some of our most challenging and rewarding client engagements together. Crowd Favorite’s core expertise is rooted in architecting and building the optimal software solution, utilizing the most appropriate Open Source platform. Using the right strategic mix of rock solid Mission Critical Enterprise thinking, with the right technological flexibility for your future needs, we bring forth powerful, dynamic, flexible, and cost-efficient technology solutions for our clients.

Is a DXP right for your brand?

Are you ready to take the next steps in your digital transformation? We are here to answer any questions you have. Let's talk about how a DXP can work for your brand.

The Basics of a True DXP

Content Management
CMS + Workflow Refinement

True DXP Diagram

Marketing Technology
& Off-Site CX

Data Integrations &
Legacy Enterprise Services

Customized DXP MarTech Functions

  • Advance Visitor Personalization
  • Progressive Profiling
  • Conversion Optimization Tools
  • Internal Ad Management
  • Lead Management
  • Advanced Campaign tools
    (Landing Page Process, A/B Testing, Campaign URL Management, Social Media Integrations, Email Marketing Integrations)

Core DXP Publishing Functions

  • Advanced Page Building
  • Technical SEO
  • Multilingual - ready
  • Complex User Profiles
  • Advanced Marketing Forms
  • Advanced Editorial Workflow
  • Advanced AMP/Mobile Tools

Advanced DXP Features & Integrations

  • Multisite Creation and Management
  • Independent Content Promotion
  • Custom Team Based Workflows
  • Custom Client API Integrations
  • Standardization of the Admin Interface

Let's go over the options together.

We Have Been Delivering
Digital Experience Platforms for Years

For the past three years, we’ve been delivering on the goal of creating an open-source alternative to expensive, proprietary Content Management and Digital Experience platforms such as AEM and Sitecore. The resulting platform is unlike anything else on the market. Buoyed by best-of-breed open-source technologies, driven by the years of experience Crowd Favorite brings to the table in the project, and the content and experience management needs of enterprise clients running large-scale projects, we genuinely believe it is the first enterprise-ready, truly Open Source DXP delivered on the open web.

Crowd Favorite client logos
Crowd Favorite client logos
Crowd Favorite client logos

Custom enterprise digital solutions provide access to and process high levels of data, helping Marketing, IT, and data scientists create successful long term strategies.

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