Social v2.10

Posted 7 years ago by Steve Mathias

We've released an update to the Social plugin for WordPress. Social is a plugin that creates a two-way integration between your WordPress blog and your Twitter and Facebook accounts. You can broadcast your posts to your social networks and bring responses back in as comments. It's also integrated into our FavePersonal theme.

Social in action

This version includes a number of changes, including updates to match the WordPress 3.8 admin UI refresh and now requires WordPress 3.8 or later (due to changes to the threaded comments walker in WP core). A number of these changes came from the community via pull requests on GitHub – awesome!

  • (new) Now requires WordPress 3.8 (due to threaded comments walker change in WP core)
  • (new) WP 3.8 admin refresh compatibility
  • (new) Japanese translation (thanks ToshiOshio)
  • (fix) Work around changes in the Walker class in WP 3.8 so that nested comments appear as expected
  • (fix) Remove underscores from CRON actions (thanks nddery)
  • (fix) Work around MySQL bug #62077 (thanks DavidAnderson684)
  • (fix) Compress images (thanks pathawks)
  • (fix) use esc_url_raw() (thanks kanedo)

Download the new version from Developers, collaborate with us on GitHub where active development takes place.

A quick note to users of our FavePersonal theme: you can install the new version or wait for the new FavePersonal release which will be here shortly.