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Speed Daemon is the key to making web pages load faster by reducing the amount of code needed, without impacting the content and design.

How does Speed Daemon work?

Speed Daemon by Crowd Favorite optimizes your website performance by removing unnecessary CSS code on a per-page basis.

This is done by sending the page to a dedicated Speed Daemon server which analyzes your page's HTML and CSS code in order to build a page-specific optimized CSS file. The server sends the optimized CSS file back to your website, where it is loaded in place of the original style sheets.

Speed Daemon by Crowd Favorite does not retain your page content!

Can I selectively exclude pages from being optimized?

In the edit view of every page there is a Speed Daemon settings box where you can choose to exclude that specific page from being optimized.

Can I manually exclude specific CSS selectors?

Using the settings page, there are options for creating a list of selectors, patterns, and recursive patterns.

Is Speed Daemon compatible with Gutenberg?

Yes, it does! Whether you use the new WordPress Block Editor or the Classic Editor interface, Speed Daemon works with it all.

What about page builders like Beaver Builder or Elementor? Are those also compatible?

Yes. Speed Daemon has built-in support for both Beaver Builder and Elementor. However, since page builders are front-end visual tools, a custom integration is required to ensure they will function properly. If you have a preferred page builder that you would like to see supported by Speed Daemon, please reach out to us!

Can I use a CDN service, like Cloudflare?

Yes, but you are likely going to need to add a custom rule to ensure your optimized CSS folder is included in the CDN rules. If your CDN also minifies CSS, you may need to adjust or disable this setting as minification is already handled by Speed Daemon.

Can I use Speed Daemon with caching plugins like Autoptimize or WP Rocket?

This depends on your setup. In general, if you use Autoptimize without its CSS optimization enabled, it should work fine. Due to how these tools interact with your website, you may experience issues when using multiple plugins to process CSS files. If you would like to keep using Autoptimize or other optimization plugins, we recommend disabling their CSS functionality in favor of Speed Daemon.!

How does Speed Daemon compare with similar tools, like criticalcss.com?

A service like criticalcss.com will not reduce the overall CSS, it rather identifies styles necessary for the first part of the page, copies them to an inline style tag, then moves the rest of the CSS down the page so it does not slow down the initial page load.

In contrast, Speed Demon reduces the overall CSS for a page by removing all the linked stylesheet files and replacing them with a single, highly optimized, CSS file. It concatenates styles in the order of appearance, preserving the original cascade. The final optimized CSS is then minified, further reducing the overall size.

Does Speed Daemon extract critical CSS separate from the rest of the page?

Speed Daemon will optimize the overall amount of CSS by removing styles that are not required for an individual page. However, it will not extract a page's critical CSS. Rest assured, critical CSS handling is on our roadmap and we are working hard to offer this functionality in an upcoming release.

Can Speed Daemon’s functionality be overwritten with hooks (actions and filters)?

Yes! Please refer to Speed Daemon’s documentation below for a comprehensive list of available hooks.

Where can I see product updates/changelogs?

You can view the changelog for your purchased products on the My account page on our website. For each product you have purchased, you may view its changelog by clicking on the View changelog link under the products name.

Or you can see the complete list of updates made to Speed Daemon here.

User Manual

Speed Daemon User Manual is a comprehensive guide including: Installation, Settings, and Functionality for Developers.

Speed Daemon looks at each page on a site and creates a custom CSS file for each page containing only what styles are needed. The effect is each page loads faster for your visitors. Faster pages equals happier visitors.

Premium Product Support

For Premium Product Support, please visit your account dashboard.

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