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Frequently Asked Questions

Speed Daemon is the key to making web pages load faster by reducing the amount of code needed, without impacting the content and design.

Speed Daemon by Crowd Favorite optimizes your website performance by removing unnecessary CSS code on a per-page basis.

This is done by sending the page to a dedicated Speed Daemon server which analyzes your page's HTML and CSS code in order to build a page-specific optimized CSS file. The server sends the optimized CSS file back to your website, where it is loaded in place of the original style sheets.

Speed Daemon by Crowd Favorite does not retain your page content!

User Manual

Speed Daemon User Manual is a comprehensive guide including: Installation, Settings, and Functionality for Developers.

Speed Daemon looks at each page on a site and creates a custom CSS file for each page containing only what styles are needed. The effect is each page loads faster for your visitors. Faster pages equals happier visitors.

Premium Product Support

For Premium Product Support, please visit your account dashboard.

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