The Role of Open Source make|SHIFT

Published on by Meghan Goetz, Director of Marketing

Open Source Software: A Legacy of
Digital Transformation

WordPress has taken 35% of the web, it is driven by the opportunities of Open Source and supported by the community. Companies are demanding comprehensive solutions that utilize and integrate the entirety of their digital platform, provide flexibility as they evolve, and make long term financial sense - Open Source is the answer.

Using Open Source for your
Digital Transformation

Large proprietary software companies have created great solutions in a bubble that solve specific needs. These work great for firms that share those specific needs. Unfortunately these solutions break down, both technically and financially, when the company evolves past the capabilities of those niche solutions. With Open Source, the ability to swap out solutions, update current plugins, or completely re-write a custom solution to fit the exact needs of a company are all possible; typically at a fraction of the cost of proprietary software solutions.

A long term digital solution requires investment of time, resources, and budget. In the beginning, an "Off the Shelf" solution is alluring - it provides an answer to the current issue and promises a seamless delivery and ease-of-use. All true - until there is another issue that needs to be solved. At that point, the “off the shelf” solution that was purchased for issue #1, may or may not solve issue #2.

The world is changing faster than ever. Organizations and brands need to match that dynamism and ensure business continuity. To do that, their digital solutions need to be best-in-breed to keep up.

Digital Transformation and Customer Experience
is ongoing and ever-evolving

Companies of all sizes, from scaling brands to established enterprises, are choosing to work with Open Source based platforms for the flexibility, customization and overall affordability.

Crowd Favorite’s legacy is rooted as the first WordPress agency for the enterprise and has utilized, scaled, and extended Open Source software to new heights from our inception.

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Open Source in the Digital Community

Crowd Favorite’s CEO, Karim Marucchi, participated in telling the story of digital transformation and the importance of Open Source to the digital community.

The documentary, make|SHIFT, a film by WP Engine, explores the history of modern advertising and the role that creative technology played in its evolution.

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About make|SHIFT

From the heyday of TV advertising to the dawn of the Internet to the rise of the digital experience, make|SHIFT explores the art and science behind the advertising industry’s 20+ year evolution.

The documentary, make|SHIFT, is a story about the agencies and makers behind some of the world’s most successful brands. The interviews include a wide range of leaders and pioneers who helped advertising evolve from the “Mad Men” era of one-to-many advertising to an age of targeted micro-campaigns that are created in hours and where technology and social media have democratized the industry by giving consumers the power to determine how, when and where they connect with a brand.

The film is particularly resonant today, as the advertising industry again finds itself in a period of evolution, adaptation and, ultimately, rebirth. As advertisers harness technology to find new ways of getting their message in front of audiences, the film’s portrayal of the scrappy determination that led agencies to revolutionary successes five, 10 and 20+ years ago is more important than ever before.

Learn more and watch the entire film here.