Victaulic: GfK Open Source Integration

Utilizing Open Source integrations Crowd Favorite added a new global inventory system for Victaulic to improve time to market and process efficiency.

Maintaining product information was difficult and time-consuming, and required the Victaulic team to search through several databases, websites, and product lists to properly update the information in all locations. Recognizing the inefficiencies and expense of manual updates, Victaulic turned to Crowd Favorite for digital transformation expertise.


Integrating a new global inventory system into the Open Source system of record while improving time to market and process efficiency.

Victaulic, a leader in global manufacturing, needed a data management system and simplified process to organize and update their global product inventory of over 16,000 stock keeping units (SKUs), which is responsible for providing accurate product information to their hundreds of distributors.

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Recognizing the opportunities for increased efficiencies and expense of manual updates, Victaulic turned to GfK for data services and Crowd Favorite for digital transformation expertise

As the original platform architect and digital transformation partner, Crowd Favorite was consulted to ensure compatibility with Victaulic’s current digital structure and online catalogue system. Crowd Favorite worked as a partner liaison with Victaulic to implement the process with GfK , to build a system that would automatically sync with the current digital catalogue and provide monitoring for the Victaulic team.

The solution needed to globally provide distributors and customers with the correct product information, reduce time and cost of in-house management, and be user friendly for the Victaulic team to implement and keep updated.

Two-part solution:

  • Custom API integration for GfK’s database to sync directly with Victaulic’s product catalogue
  • Managed the third-party relationship with GfK for the duration of the implementation

Crowd Favorite came up with a solution that works and solved our problem.

Jessica Oren
Digital Services Coordinator, Victaulic


Crowd Favorite, in alignment with GfK, helped Victaulic master its product inventory system and build a single source of truth for all product information.

This project resulted in a single source of truth for product inventory that is updates easily, reduces overhead and maintenance costs, increases accuracy and allows for scalability. Victaulic is able to add new products and make updates faster, which allows them to more quickly deliver products and information to their distributors and clients, reducing overall time to market.

In addition to creating a time saving process and greater accuracy of product information, Crowd Favorite delivered:

  • Management system for over 16,000 SKUs
  • Easily navigated system for suppliers/distributors, customers to find correct information
  • A workflow to manage the updates and easily track updates or changes between systems
  • Reduction in time and effort to update inventory resulting in quicker to market product information
  • Vendor management orchestration to ensure a seamless and successful integration

Crowd Favorite puts things in simple, non-technical terms we can understand.

Jessica Oren
Digital Services Team, Victaulic

Crowd Favorite’s ability to manage the enterprise digital integration between the client team, technical team, and 3rd party team, led to a successful outcome. To learn more about our enterprise services, contact us here.

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