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Choosing, building, and maintaining the right CMS provides clients power, dynamism and ease of use, lessening the burden on staff to create and oversee digital content.

Implementing the right open-source content management system is a strategic technology decision for businesses of all sizes, small to enterprise. At Crowd Favorite, we work with open-source content management systems because they are stable and mature platforms with, in some cases, tens of thousands of active developers, and are customizable, allowing you to shape and extend the CMS to your specific needs. Not to mention the cost savings in not having annual subscription or licensing costs traditionally found in proprietary closed-source alternatives.

Choosing to use an open-source content management system means instead of budgeting for license seats or subscriptions, that technology budget can be spent customizing and extending the open-source CMS so it better fits your requirements. Open source content management systems such as WordPress or Drupal have massive developer communities, whole ecosystems, full of drop-in additions, or plugins, that are tailored to all sorts of business needs. This is a powerful benefit found in several open-source CMS solutions.


The extendibility of open-source CMS solutions can go beyond drop-in additions. Widely adopted content management systems such as WordPress have an open and extendable Application Programming Interface (API) designed to allow information to be read and interacted with programmatically.

This feature in an open-source CMS increases the options for interactions and custom solutions to be created, which makes the CMS something that can be built to meet your workflow needs, rather than you changing processes and routines in order to use the CMS.

It is having a robust API that makes an open-source CMS like WordPress so powerful. Other systems that make up the technology stack in an enterprise program: point of sale systems, CRMs, inventory management and fulfillment, digital asset management - these can all interact with your CMS via custom API interactions. This level of interoperability is powerful and is something to be considered when selecting your next CMS.

The right open-source content management system also has good user management in addition to APIs and ease of feature customization. Every business has an organizational structure of some kind - enterprise or mom & pop store - it doesn't matter the size of the business. Being able to assign a set of roles and responsibilities to the users in a CMS is something that should be considered when choosing a CMS. In the world of open-source content management, this is a long-supported feature that in most cases is also something that can be customized if necessary.

The communication paradigm has shifted from analog to digital. This revolutionary change has outpaced the evolution of organizational setups and infrastructures still present in most companies. Effectiveness and speed are key to serving the new digital reality. The right CMS solution allows you to use this paradigm shift to your advantage by crafting the digital solution best suited to solve your communication needs.


For enterprise clients, scalability is often a key consideration. How well does the CMS perform under massive loads? Can it perform well for both 1,000 visits an hour and 10,000 visits a minute? The right managed hosting provider can address sudden increases in traffic resulting in overwhelming demands on the servers. With open-source content management systems, the ability to control the code means adjustments can be made in code, so the site is as performant as it can be at all times. This can sometimes reduce the likelihood that scaling up the server infrastructure is the only option for handling traffic spikes.

Where We Excel at Building
Performant CMS Solutions

Crowd Favorite has a long history of deploying open-source content management systems as well as the design and execution of custom, scalable and performant CMS solutions that empower our clients of all sizes. We support open-source content management systems because they are stable and mature platforms that can be easily customized to best serve your digital needs, with - in some cases - tens of thousands of active developers. Implementing an open-source content management system can be very cost-effective for businesses of all sizes, small to enterprise. Your technology budget can be spent customizing the CMS to your specifications, rather than spending it on CMS licensing.


Our Unique Approach to
Content Management Systems

Crowd Favorite implements and customizes content management systems that empower our clients take full advantage of their digital assets and maximize profitability. Our technical experts closely examine the factors driving you to an additional CMS (or to a new one altogether), working with you to learn the details around your business needs, and create personalized recommendations for the best open-source content management system.

Our team will assess:

  • What kind of user interactions happen with your content on a regular basis?
  • What assets need to be managed? Are there any assets being generated from CMS content?
  • Are there APIs that need to read or write into the CMS?

Our CMS development services include:

  • Customized packages and pricing tailored to your company’s requirements and budget.
  • Content management system development for online sales and for displaying digital assets such as text articles.
  • Access to a team of experts including coders, content creators and search engine optimization experts.

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