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Custom Web Development

Building websites from the ground up to achieve the exactness of particular features and functionality, or to achieve a specific look and feel.

What makes custom web development the right choice? Why not an off-the-shelf product? There are certain scenarios where a bespoke solution is the right choice for your business needs. Perhaps you need to add a specific, complex digital function to an Open Source-based project, but it doesn’t support the depth of your requirement. Or, an Open Source package may not scale to meet the specific needs of your project. You could also have a web application that needs customized code, unrestricted by certain Open Source licensing. Or, sometimes project replication requirements simply requires a fully customizable solution.


With so many years experience in creating, contributing to, and customizing Open Source code, Crowd Favorite has developed the expertise to not only understand and identify possible failure points of off-the-shelf software, but also know how to leverage this expertise when custom code is required for applications where Open Source will not meet future licensing needs.

Where We Excel At
Building Bespoke Websites

Oftentimes, you might find a solution that gets you 85% towards your goal. Our job is to identify that missing 15%. What architectural changes are needed to fill the missing void? Where do those changes need to be made? How does an off-the-shelf content management system extend to scale to 100 times its previous regular usage? Our Digital Strategy team and Technical Architects can help design and build these solutions, delivering you a system that meets your needs and remains easy to use.

Enterprise web solutions can be complex and require detailed planning and execution, and Crowd Favorite has years of experience designing and building custom digital projects that solve enterprise technology problems. Our team is proficient in all aspects of complex web development, from design integration for front-end of the web site to the data architecture for the back-end functionality.

Our Unique Approach to
Custom Web Development

Our full-time, professional software engineers are highly skilled in responsive web design, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, RESTful APIs, PHP, MySQL, and experts in frameworks such as Laravel, Drupal and WordPress. From the years we spent working closely with devops teams we understand how to architect and build solutions that are fine-tuned for caching systems such as Varnish, and more. The success of your project never depends on the availability or skills of a single individual, or the seeming simplicity of a simple off-the-shelf software product. Our team is fully distributed and experienced in high-performing collaborative tempos, delivering custom web development solutions to enterprise organizations.


Open Source frameworks such as Laravel, Node, or React give us powerful tools we can use to create or extend solutions to your IT problems. Maybe the answer for your needs is a Laravel-powered custom CMS. Or, perhaps, your out-of-the-box WordPress installation needs to be extended to ingest, on a scheduled basis, custom APIs. Perhaps you need rapid iterative development using a Node-based quite of build tools. These are all solutions our team has had the experience of creating, and we can do the same for you.

Crowd Favorite can approach your challenges in a variety ways - whether that means partnering with your digital team or becoming your digital team - to bring our years of expertise working with custom Open Source software together with your ideas, creating solutions for your complex digital needs.

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