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WordPress Enterprise Integration

Converting the world’s biggest digital properties to a stable, scalable, secure and cost-effective platform with immense customization possibilities coupled with ease of integration.

At Crowd Favorite, we design enterprise systems rooted in solving performance problems by creating systems that integrate all of a business’ interrelated aspects. One of the great benefits to open-source software is how quickly someone can install it and begin publishing content with very little overhead or ramp-up time. WordPress famously calls this process the five minute install. There is no doubt this is true; you can go to almost any hosting provider and in no time have a WordPress-powered website up and running. You now have a powerful digital publishing platform at your fingertips. Your audience is, potentially, the entire world.

Where We Excel At Applying
WordPress Functionality
For Business Solutions

What sets Crowd Favorite apart is our experience developing and integrating with a wide variety of disparate enterprise level platforms, including CRM solutions like Salesforce, custom data synchronization, eCommerce stores and single sign-on systems, providing our clients the access to information necessary to run their business, all the while providing a seamless experience for their customers.


We are experts in the limitations and unique opportunities presented by WordPress, and can open your eyes to digital solutions you may have not have even thought possible. WordPress has a wonderful user interface for publishing content, which is often the reason it is a desired solution. Enterprise marketing teams, often non-technical, can efficiently publish content.

To integrate with existing infrastructure, some customizations may be necessary. You might have an existing user authentication system. Rather than add a second set of logins that have to be securely managed, a single sign-on method could be developed allowing existing credentials to work with WordPress.

What about the enterprise business space? Can you simply download WordPress, install it and have a new addition to your technology stack, ready to go in five minutes? Here, our answer is no, probably not. There are requirements definitions, timing considerations, information security needs and interoperability considerations that have to be addressed. But, taking those factors into mind, the answer becomes yes, WordPress can be a great digital solution for enterprise businesses. As open-source software pioneers, we have the knowledge to make open-source platforms a viable option for your business needs - it might take us a bit more than five minutes, though.

Our Unique Approach to
WordPress Enterprise Integration

Our team of digital strategists, designers and developers can spend the time necessary to study your existing infrastructure and requirements. We can work with you, listening to your ideals and goals, along with your current known limitations and pain points.

Janus Henderson WordPress Integration

Taking the ideas gathered through consultation and research, our team applies them strategically. Designers utilize the initial concepts to create wireframes, mockups, and prototypes, and our developers integrate with what you already have, using cutting edge technology to ground your application and make it secure, scalable, and protected.

We utilize testing rigor to create an efficient and secure system. Our designers and developers spend time putting together a plan and then actualize it with research, design, and extensive usability testing. We focus on making our code work, and we’re certain that our developers expertly create scalable enterprise systems that rest on a firm, secure foundation.

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