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WordPress Performance Audits

Running comprehensive, technical tests to diagnose issues such as scalability, security threats, slow-loading pages or poor SEO performance, and using the results to define a path to resolution.

In today’s digital landscape of device-independent websites, it’s imperative that sites are designed, developed and built to load and function quickly, and across various devices and environments, to ensure a stable and consistent experience. But when features are added one atop the other, often without efficiency or integration considerations, demand on hosting resources can increase. This leads to performance bottlenecks or outright system failures. Crowd Favorite has extensive experience untangling these issues, and identifying the best, least disruptive solutions that will boost website speed and efficiency.

Where We Excel At
Fixing Slow-Loading Websites

Crowd Favorite can improve your website function by analyzing and researching performance issues with your teams. Our engineers study the system architecture, database structure and interactions to identify where optimizations can be made. Before and after metrics can be used to identify further adjustments and gains that can be had. Our strategy and development teams will analyze requirements, workflow, systems architecture and integrations to craft a strategy for optimal performance and experiences.

Crowd Favorite's team of digital strategists, designers and developers can spend the time necessary to study your existing infrastructure and requirements. We can work with you to identify targets, along with your current known limitations and pain points. Taking the ideas gathered during this research and consultation, our team applies them strategically so we can develop tests and plans for improvements that fits your needs.

Our Unique Approach to
WordPress Performance Audits

Sometimes it takes a fresh set of eyes in order to see possible opportunities for improvement. Our professionals can work with your team, studying your site in order to gain perspective on the whole picture of your website’s performance. Crowd Favorite can highlight notable items that are easy wins for your website’s performance and work with you to recommend prioritization schedules in order to improve performance in the most optimal manner that fits with your day to day schedule and workflow. Our engineers can work with you to build that high-level understanding of how the site should operate. After that, we can dig into more detailed discussions, investigating the various features independently and in detail in order to gain the understanding necessary to identify possible solutions.

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High-performing websites can be created after the fact with the right improvements made to an existing system. Load testing and metrics gathering can paint an accurate picture of where the problem is. Is it a checkout process that can't keep up with the load? Is it poorly written database queries? Is it something else in the site code? Our engineers can investigate to find where the problem is and what is the best way to measure the site performance.

Knowing the goals, and having a way to measure success, performance testing can be done, iterating as improvements are made. After each adjustment and improvement, we can run tests to measure how effectively the site responds, given our modifications.

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