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Customer Centric Design for Cellular One

Design sparked digital transformation for Cellular One, the oldest and longest running wireless brand, with Crowd Favorite creating a fresh, new customer-centric design.

Cellular One, a major regional telecommunications provider, approached Crowd Favorite to provide digital consulting for their website optimization. The goals were straightforward: to improve speed and move to a content management system (CMS) that would allow Cellular One internal teams to update the website without contacting their outsourced IT team.

Crowd Favorite recognized an overlapping issue to be addressed concurrently with the development of the new site. Namely, that user experience (UX) could be improved through design improvements. Focused on a customer-centric design, the result was increased flexibility for both customers and internal teams alike.


Cellular One needed a content management system (CMS) that would allow their internal teams to quickly update their website without the use of an external information technology team. Additionally, the Cellular One team recognized the need for user experience improvements, but felt that quality design work would impede the primary goals of improving speed and functionality for their Marketing team.


Crowd Favorite led Cellular One through a design process, highlighting effective ways to achieve optimal user experience (UX) without sacrificing excessive time and budget. Crowd Favorite’s solution of a customer-centric design, provided Cellular One’s brand and website with an updated look, and improved accessibility and user experience.

Cellular One Redesign Experience


With the new design approved, Cellular One refocused their attention and resources to improving the site experience for their customers and team. Fresh design, paired with digital functionality, transformed the digital roadmap leading to a site with optimal user experience, and increased flexibility and ease-of-use for the Marketing team.

Cellular One’s Marketing team recognized that the business challenges of the modern digital era required building their website on a CMS that would empower adaptive responses and customization. As their digital partner, Crowd Favorite was able to lead them down the path of digital transformation that included putting the user experience at the forefront of their digital experiences.

Crowd Favorite’s Design team examined everything from site structure to color themes, without compromising budget or timelines of the overall website refresh project. The final site has a score of 96/100 in accessibility ranking. This is a testament to the collaboration between Cellular One and the design team at Crowd Favorite- especially impressive when working with a primarily red-themed brand, as red can be a tricky color for accessibility standards.

The site looks great - I have been receiving high marks from all directions since we announced it!

Drew Logsdon, Marketing & Products Manager, Cellular One

The new site design was well-received by the Cellular One team and their customers. This was a true example of design sparking digital transformation, and Crowd Favorite is honored to be a part of this journey.

If you are looking for a customer-centric design for your website, need help improving site accessibility, or are looking for a partner to help along your digital transformation journey, contact us here.