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Plant Apothecary Scales D2C Platform

Crowd Favorite worked with Plant Apothecary to create one eCommerce platform for managing multiple sales channels and three fulfillment centers.

Plant Apothecary, a global skincare brand, was looking to make a shift toward a robust eCommerce strategy that allows them to scale their direct-to-consumer (D2C) platform. Their rebranding efforts sought to create a mobile-first website with built-in conversion optimization strategies to convert more visitors into customers.

Plant Apothecary eCommerce website on a white Mac computer
With a focus on D2C, every page was optimized for a quality user experience.


Founded in 2012, Plant Apothecary began manufacturing 100% plant-based skincare products for sale through traditional retail outlets. Their online presence provided an excellent marketing platform for their products. Plant Apothecary added Shopify eCommerce to their website, enabling them to sell directly to consumers. However, as their brand grew, their existing technology hit a scalability wall. They needed to move beyond standard plug-ins and develop an integrated eCommerce solution that connects order management, inventory, merchandising, marketing, delivery, and customer service.



Through an in-depth discovery process with Crowd Favorite, all of Plant Apothecary’s business goals and objectives were analyzed. Instead of migrating to WooCommerce, the optimal solution was to improve upon the existing Shopify platform through fresh designs to improve the user experience for mobile users. A custom NetSuite integration removed 3rd party plug-ins and enhanced communication with their three warehouses.

Plant Apothecary mobile-first eCommerce website
Mobile-first designs were created specifically for Plant Apothecary's target market.


With many eCommerce platforms, such as WooCommerce and Shopify, it was a daunting task to decide the best way to ensure Plant Apothecary’s ability to meet today’s challenges while simultaneously charting a course for accelerated scalability. Crowd Favorite’s team of engineers, designers, and strategists worked with Plant Apothecary to ensure money invested today would not be wasted tomorrow.

With a focus on scalability, Crowd Favorite designed a web presence that is adaptable to tomorrow's complex challenges. Product Inventory Management (PIM) through Laravel, multi-lingual website launches, and more can now be achieved without sacrificing the existing infrastructure and compromising Plant Apothecary’s ROI.


Plant Apothecary Style Guide
Behind the scenes: Captures of Plant Apothecary's style guides.

With the updates made to Plant Apothecary, their team is able to focus on delivering quality products directly to customers at scale.

Rare Beauty Brands is the parent company to several visionary indie beauty brands that works to develop, scale, and support their brands, including Plant Apothecary. Crowd Favorite and Rare Beauty Brands worked together to upgrade the eCommerce experience for both the customer and Plant Apothecary Team.

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