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Crowd Favorite Named a Quartz’s Best Company for Remote Workers 2021

We're thrilled to share the good news: Crowd Favorite has been named a Quartz best company for remote workers in 2021!

Published on by Meghan Goetz, Director of Marketing

Crowd Favorite voted Best Company for Remote Workers 2021

We’re thrilled to share the good news: Crowd Favorite has been named one of the best companies for remote workers! Quartz selected us as #6 among small companies that embrace the distributed-workforce future. As Quartz explained:

These are companies where remote work is treated not as a stopgap but as a business priority, and where remote workers have as much opportunity as their office-bound peers to grow and advance in their careers.

We couldn’t put it better ourselves. Remote work is in our DNA and has been since the day we were founded in 2007. As an agency born and bred as remote, we take pride in knowing we are able to adapt and change with the times, while always putting our team first.

Straight from the source

What makes this award all the more meaningful is that it’s based largely on positive input from the people who know us best — our team. Quartz’s independent researchers surveyed our workforce to gauge sentiment, which counted for about 75% of the total score. To be considered among the best, a company had to receive positive responses from at least 80% of their employees for leadership and planning, corporate culture and communication, role satisfaction, work environment, relationships with supervisors, training and development, pay and benefits, and overall engagement. And as our ranking indicates, we did.

Crowd Favorite is a great company to be part of, as it’s the ideal place to learn new technologies and work on the most challenging projects. Let’s not forget the awesome people who I have the chance to meet daily. I never thought working remotely was so fun!
– Alex Plop, Senior Developer

The high ratings from our staff validate our philosophy.

Our mission is to connect the digital experience to the human experience — and that starts with our team. We’re focused on the best ways of delivering digital solutions to our clients in order to improve their lives and those of their clients. Our team’s resiliency and dedication drives our success. And we try to nurture employees with an environment that recognizes who they are beyond their job description, while providing a safe place where they can be their best.

That’s summed up in our core values: “We invest in who our colleagues are, not just what they do. We focus on our team as human beings, making us the best possible team mates. We take the time to understand the needs of our team, and work in collaboration to exceed them. We strive to create a work environment that is challenging, supportive and rewarding for everyone.”

I've experienced incredible professional as well as personal growth ever since I've joined Crowd Favorite.
– Alex Nitu, Developer/Tech

Making it personal

That personal touch comes across in many ways every day. To integrate new employees into the team, we assign an onboarding buddy who helps them acclimate to Crowd Favorite. Because coworkers can’t drop in on each other to chat, we have informal meetings weekly, “coffee chats”, encouraging them to get to know each other. A monthly get-together on Zoom gives each team an opportunity to talk about anything but work — hobbies, movies, books — and play games.

We celebrate the individual, too. We recognize birthdays and anniversaries with an announcement and special gifs all day. We have monthly calls during which we highlight the ways team members have helped each other to promote camaraderie. On Slack, a “Favoriteers” Channel gives employees a fun place to share pet images, hobbies, family and vacation photos and more - our Book Club encourages readers to share their interests in weekly chats.

Over the past two years, we stepped up our efforts to help relieve the stress everyone has been feeling during the pandemic. Weekly check-ins kept teams connected so they could support each other. Mandated time away from the computer gave everyone time to unplug and decompress. Flexible work hours were offered to help parents care for children. We also updated internet service and home office equipment as needed. Further, we provided monthly food vouchers for employees and their families, along with company reimbursement, if needed, for COVID testing. Additional time off was given for those who fell ill or needed to care for loved ones.

Team matters

Practices like these empower our team, which in turn supports Crowd Favorite to fulfill its mission. We continue to embrace the philosophy of our original founder, Alex King, who named the company after observing that one of his favorite athletes not only brought elite skills to his sport but also conducted himself in a way that gave fans a personal, optimal experience- truly being a Crowd Favorite.

Today, Crowd Favorite applies a friendly, authentic and approachable ethos to serving clients and society at large. Whether through our services, giving back to the Open Source community and underrepresented ones in our locale - or supporting our team in their professional growth - we strive to be the Crowd Favorite.

Ready for a new challenge? We're always looking for talented team members to join our global team! If you'd like to become a part of Crowd Favorite, please check out our career opportunities.