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Improving Supply Chain Efficiency with Data

Manufacturers today are on a collective journey of transformation toward a digital future that includes an efficient and highly automated supply chain. Wherever a company is in their digital transformation process, one thing reigns supreme – the data.

Man and woman looking at tablet in warehouse: Improving Supply Chain Efficiency with Data

Key Takeaways

Collecting the Correct Data

For most businesses, there are a number of different groups, each with their own data systems. The first step is to collect the data. Next, it’s important to put together a cross-functional team. This team will focus on a common strategy for transforming and improving supply chain efficiency. Ultimately, utilizing and analyzing all the data at the business’s disposal.

Integration and Flexibility

Building the connections between your collected data is key. An integrated content management system (CMS) connected in real-time to your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CX (Customer Experience) and eCommerce systems can help harness the data. Additionally, integrating an Open Source system allows for functionality to be added in the future as needs evolve.

Taking it a Step Further

The more deeply businesses understand supply chain drivers such as customer buying patterns and manufacturer production cycles, the more accurately they can identify trends to forecast needs and reduce guesswork that leads to inefficiencies.

A commitment to digital transformation is as important as the technology [businesses] use to make it happen. With a unified strategy and the data management solutions to implement it, businesses will be prepared to keep delivering their products in an increasingly unpredictable world.
– Karim Marucchi

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