Conditional Content for osDXP

Different site visitors deserve different content. 


Create custom content as unique as your site visitors

Conditional Content is a Personalization plugin that gives you the ability to add or replace content based on the site visitors' behavior.

Conditional Content is the ultimate customization tool, providing you with the ability to change content for the benefit of your visitors, and making it easier for the visitors to find what they are searching for.

Key Features of Conditional Content

Device Type

Create different content to display based on your visitors device: desktops, tablets or mobile devices.

User Behavior

User Behavior allows you to provide different messages depending on the visitor: new vs. returning, logged-in status and browser language.

Referrer Source

Referrer Source enables customization based on the website your site visitor came from before visiting your website.


Leverage content for location based site visitors by their Country, City, State, Zip Code, or Area Code.

Dynamic Link

Create a custom link and content visible only to site visitors who arrive to your website using the special link.

Visited Pages

Set content specific to site visitors that have visited selected webpages on your website.

Time & Date

Generate unique content that can start or end based on a custom time, date or pre-determined schedule.

Custom Content Made Simple!

  • Select a Condition 
  • Choose the Specifications
  • Apply Rule to Content
osDXP Temp Image

Why Choose Conditional Content?

Conditional Content allows you to increase customer engagement, deliver faster results and improve site experience for visitors.

Benefits include:

  • Optimized content
  • Simple set up
  • No coding required

Simple custom content is only a click away!