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Conditional Content Pro
for WordPress

Personalize the content for your users without having to code - that's progress!

Create custom content as unique as your site visitors

Conditional Content is a personalization tool that gives you the ability to add and replace content based on how people use your website!

User Behavior

Key Features of Conditional Content Pro

Device Type

Create different content to display based on your visitors device: desktops, tablets or mobile devices.

User Behavior

User Behavior allows you to provide different messages depending on the visitor: new vs. returning, logged-in status and browser language.

Referrer Source

Referrer Source enables customization based on the website your site visitor came from before visiting your website.


Leverage content for location based site visitors by their Country, City, State, Zip Code, or Area Code.

Dynamic Link

Create a custom link and content visible only to site visitors who arrive to your website using the special link.

Visited Pages

Set content specific to site visitors that have visited selected webpages on your website.

Time & Date

Generate unique content that can start or end based on a custom time, date or pre-determined schedule.

Customization of Conditional Content

Take Conditional Content to the next level with complete customization of user segments and content conditions!


Add multiple segmentation rules to any piece of content. Mix and match visibility and matching rules for the ultimate personalized experience for your visitors! 

Complete Customization

Create your own custom-created conditions. Set up is easy and straightforward, allowing any manner of integrations or customization. The sky is the limit!


Conditional Content connects with your current tools, making custom content even easier!

Conditional Content Integrations

Pricing Plans


  • Single Domain
  • One year license


  • 20 Domains
  • One year license

osDXP Edition

  • Unlimited Domains
  • Premium Support

Conditional Content Lite is available for free here.

Support & FAQs

Check out our Product Support section for more information to get your started with our products and plugins.

Conditional Content Pro is a Personalization Plugin for WordPress

Built on WordPress as a WordPress plugin Conditional Content Pro utilizes WordPress' custom taxonomies feature to store project, tag and code metadata for your entries. Using WordPress as a platform for Conditional Content gives us lots of great features: Revision History, Internationalization, Standard Import/Export Formats, Backup Tools, Administrative Interface.

At Crowd Favorite we have years of experience building great websites, products, plugins, themes, etc. with WordPress. Get in touch to see how we can help make your next web project a success.

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