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Complex and innovative web application design

Actovia provides in-depth mortgage intelligence, property information, owner names, and phone numbers for commercial properties, making it an invaluable resource for commercial real estate and mortgage brokers, bankers, and investors.


Actovia's massive database and its powerful search technology provided incredible value to its users, but many were too confused by the interface to take advantage of all the application had to offer.


Crowd Favorite completely redesigned the highly detailed and complicated application from scratch, including completely rethinking its complicated querying system and redesigning it around interface patterns that would be intuitive and effortless for the majority of users.




Actovia Before Screenshot
Actovia interface before

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Crowd Favorite offers product support exclusively through our product forums in order to allow our customers to take advantage of the accumulated knowledge base. If you don't find an answer by searching the forums, you can add a new post and our team will reply as soon as possible.

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