Jacob Bromwell

Brand identity and revitalized web experience

Inspired by the personal story of the company founder, we developed a brand experience based on the man himself, whose hard-working, inventive, and cheerful nature is still embodied by the company almost two centuries later.


Founded in 1819 by frontier entrepreneur Jacob Bromwell, Bromwell Housewares is one of the oldest active companies in the United States, yet their brand was almost unknown. They needed help telling their story.


After researching Bromwell himself, we overhauled the brand completely, including a name change from “Bromwell Housewares” to “Jacob Bromwell.” We developed rich visual and verbal styles to reflect the character of the company and its authentic manufacturing processes, which are still in place today.

Crowd Favorite reimagined JacobBromwell.com using a visual and verbal strategy inspired by the company’s rich history and old-fashioned values. Textures familiar to American pioneers, such as burlap, leather, and wood were used, along with colorful storytelling, to create a consistent and engaging online brand experience.