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North Bridge

North Bridge's online presence didn’t reflect the innovative spirit that has proven foundational to their success. Their non-responsive, outdated site hindered both their brand positioning and the user experience.

Crowd Favorite completely overhauled the site, implementing a dynamic content structure and subtle interactions to modernize the user experience. A non-linear hierarchy encourages visitors to explore rich, interconnected content throughout the site, learning the stories behind North Bridge and their clients as they go.

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One of the first private equity firms to invest fearlessly in open source and cloud computing,   North Bridge set a precedent early on for recognizing innovative ideas and evolving them into successful companies. Their site, however, failed to reflect the true caliber of their vision and expertise. Dated and non-responsive, the site was hindering to the user experience and to their brand positioning, as well. They sought our expertise in building a dynamic new website that would position them at the forefront of the venture capital sector while honoring their legacy of more than two decades of ongoing success.

After working closely with North Bridge to gain a deep understanding of their brand, Crowd Favorite developed new messaging and design elements to capture and convey their unique competitive edge. We then performed a complete site overhaul, building custom templates and diverse taxonomies to populate the new site with rich, dynamic content. Paired with minimal design and subtle interactions, the content becomes the focus of the new site in a sleek, contemporary way.

Inspired by North Bridge’s highly versatile organizational structure, we implemented a non-linear site hierarchy with interconnected pages and sections. In doing so, we achieved a continuous user flow, drawing visitors from one area of the site to another with no “dead ends.” The result is a fluid, holistic site experience that showcases the breadth of North Bridge’s holdings.

Impressed with our user experience insight and strategy, North Bridge also enlisted Crowd Favorite to produce a series of videos featuring several of their portfolio companies. In the series, founders and key stakeholders from each company share first-hand accounts of their experience with North Bridge, and the integral role the firm played in their unprecedented growth. We crafted custom titles and motion infographics to create a series of individually branded testimonial videos that capture the immeasurable value of partnering with North Bridge in an immensely powerful way.

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Learn how Crowd Favorite completely overhauled the North Bridge site, implementing a dynamic content structure and an intuitive user experience to modernize the user experience.