Crowd Favorite and Backflip Studios re-launch company website on WordPress

Published on by Webb Henderson

In conjunction with a re-branding effort, Crowd Favorite and Backflip Studios have worked together to re-design and re-launch the Backflip Studios company website.

After selecting WordPress as the desired platform for managing their content, the Boulder-based company selected their Denver neighbors, Crowd Favorite, to help with the design and development efforts.

We're very pleased with how the look and feel of the site turned out, especially on mobile and tablet devices. We're equally thrilled with how easy it is for Backflip Studios to make updates to their site, highlight new games, and add compelling content and features leveraging tools like Carrington Build.

Beautiful Showcase for Games

Games are the focal point of the site. We created a Game custom post type to make it easy for the Backflip Studios team to manage all their games, screenshots, and associated metadata.

The Game template is designed to show-off of the colorful app icons, videos, screenshots, and other artwork — to really showcase the features of the games.

Easy Content Management

The new site allows Backflip Studios to easily update their reference content (answering FAQs and providing contact information) in addition to providing users with the latest updates on games and releases. Plus, featuring new games on the home page is simple to do within WordPress.

Custom Page Layouts

Using Carrington Build and custom Modules, Backflip Studios has the ability to create custom page layouts for their games depending on the content available and features they want to highlight. For instance, we created a Module to match the familiar style of the screenshot gallery found in the App Store and Google Play.

Designed for All Devices

The new site looks great on mobile phones, tablets and traditional computers. It allows gamers on mobile devices to browse the available games, learn more, and download them immediately from the iTunes App Store, Google Play or Amazon.

We also took care to make some of the imagery and icons look great on smaller HiDPI (Retina) displays.

Making New Games Discoverable

With a wide variety of games, platforms, and genres, it’s important for users to easily find the right games. The games archive page provides a filter for those platforms. Users can also find games in a similar genre, or a new installment in a game series.

Visit the new Backflip Studios website