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How to Gain eCommerce Customers

Since consumers have more choices than ever, it's imperative for web retailers to focus on the customer journey. And make sure their brand and online storefront stands out in the crowd. That takes a powerful, seamless user experience (UX) powered by a reliable technical platform. Here are some strategies that will help you gain eCommerce customers.

Woman on phone and laptop with credit card: How to Gain eCommerce Customers

Key Takeaways

Focus on User Experience

A personalized, dynamic user experience will help you gain eCommerce customers. Meaning content and information that adapts to your customer’s preferences. Ensuring customers feel welcome, appreciated and not overwhelmed by irrelevant information. Effective ways to achieve this include Conditional Content, custom content. Or Progressive Profiling, an information gathering tool to learn more about your customers at each visit.

Stress Scalability and Flexibility

The technical platform of an eCommerce site is as important as a customer-centric design. The technology infrastructure must be able to support current operations. But also, able to offer scalability to allow for future expansion. Open Source-based Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs) have many advantages. Including flexibility, ease of integration with existing legacy systems, proven security, and scalability.

Share Data to Support Analytics

With all the data eCommerce websites have, it is important for companies to be able to use that data. It’s especially important to connect that data, and for all systems to communicate easily. This includes both legacy and new systems. An Open Source DXP can serve as the connecting point, integrating data from across the organization in real time.

Manage Product Inventory

Properly managing inventory is key to retail success, but it is also a major hurdle. Custom API integration can enable databases to sync all information into a centralized website experience. This can automatically facilitate updates to your product line and new product additions.

Choose a Partner Carefully

You can achieve these goals by choosing the right digital partner. Look for partners offering specific expertise to ensure that integrations and customizations are executed properly. And look for solutions with an emphasis on flexibility and scalability. A partner well versed in Open Source is often the optimal choice for these sorts of digital engagements.

Whether your site is established or just taking off, the ability to deliver an incredible experience while providing the right items to prospective clients quickly will help you develop a loyal following and build more business — no matter how competitive the market becomes.
– Jason Rosenbaum

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