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Robust content site with custom functionality

Insperity is a multi-service HR site that required custom plug-ins, advanced content migration and custom built forums.


Insperity approached Crowd Favorite with a tight deadline and a mountain of content. We were asked to migrate content, templates and data to a user-friendly CMS, create custom forms and solutions to drive web traffic.


Crowd Favorite created custom plugins and an easy to manage WordPress CMS, migrated content designed to inform the public about products and utilized Beaver Builder to convert templates to WP format. Special content was gated with custom forms to collect client data and progressive profiling adapted to blogs that would drive traffic and complete client profiles.



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Accessing product support

Crowd Favorite offers product support exclusively through our product forums in order to allow our customers to take advantage of the accumulated knowledge base. If you don't find an answer by searching the forums, you can add a new post and our team will reply as soon as possible.

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