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Web Development

Crowd Favorite’s rich history and deep understanding of the web and open-source technologies allows us to architect and engineer solutions that extend their boundaries, providing our clients with more affordable digital solutions without losing any of the power and dynamism they should expect.

Web Applications

From Crowd Favorite's deep history and early contributions to the original WordPress project to its current work with enterprise clients in creating online solutions, our world-class web applications are highly polished, scalable, responsive, and leverage the latest web technologies..

Open Source

Crowd Favorite has a broad capacity to innovate and execute the digital solutions for enterprise technology problems. From roots in WordPress development and custom WordPress solutions, to mixed-framework, custom Spen Source solutions, we create scalable digital solutions using Open Source web technology.

WordPress Enterprise Integration

WordPress can be a great digital solution for enterprise businesses. As open-source software pioneers, we have the knowledge to make open-source platforms a viable option for your business needs

Our Web Development Services

Content Management Systems

Choosing, building, and maintaining the right CMS provides clients power, dynamism and ease of use, lessening the burden on staff to create and oversee digital content.

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Custom Web Development

Building websites from the ground up to achieve the exactness of particular features and functionality, or to achieve a specific look-and-feel.

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Database Optimization

Maximizing the speed and efficiency with which data is retrieved to provide an optimal experience for site visitors, leading to lower bounce rates and higher conversion.

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JavaScript Development

Using JavaScript to create interactive web pages, user experiences and responsive front-end design guarantees visitors an enhanced journey in their exploration of your website.

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Open Source Web Development

Utilizing iterative and scalable Open Source technologies to build secure, dynamic, and flexible digital solutions.

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Web Applications

Integrating online tools, datasets and applications to enhance your process, automation and user experience.

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Web Design Integration

Integrating our uniquely qualified technical design team into the process assures delivery of websites that not only function the way they expect, but look and feel that way as well.

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WordPress eCommerce Integrations

Extending the known capabilities of eCommerce tools that interface with WordPress, driving profit through scalable sales solutions.

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WordPress Enterprise Integration

Converting the world’s biggest digital properties to a stable, scalable, secure and cost-effective platform with immense customization possibilities coupled with ease of integration.

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WordPress Performance Audits

Running comprehensive, technical tests to diagnose issues such as scalability, security threats, slow-loading pages or poor SEO performance, and using the results to define a path to resolution.

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Crowd Favorite offers product support exclusively through our product forums in order to allow our customers to take advantage of the accumulated knowledge base. If you don't find an answer by searching the forums, you can add a new post and our team will reply as soon as possible.

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