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Open Source Web Development

Utilizing iterative and scalable Open Source technologies to build secure, dynamic, and flexible digital solutions.

Open Source plays an important role in enterprise digital solutions, innovation and driving the creation of effective technology-driven business value. While cost control is an advantage behind Open Source solutions, there is ever-growing potential for enterprise organizations to benefit from rapid software development, security, performance and features. These continue to lead decision makers towards selecting Open Source as the foundations for their web development. Open Source is now an integral component to enterprise business, providing matching features with proprietary software. Design, development, implementation and long-term support are all areas where Open Source web development score high in enterprise IT.

Where We Excel At Improving
Open Source Platforms

Crowd Favorite has a long history of contribution to Open Source projects and particularly to the WordPress project in the form of core code, plugins, and themes. Since 2007 Crowd Favorite has led the effort of integrating Open Source Software like the WordPress project into the enterprise. Not only in its efforts of engineering and scaling code, but also in leading and educating the Open Source community and how to integrate more robust enterprise processes into the Open Source community around the globe.


We regularly design and build high-performing enterprise solutions using Open Source packages as a key component. Our development processes and tools work together to increase both code sustainability and value, and our teams share a comprehensive understanding of the architecture and methodology of how and when to use which Open Source project with its particular plug-ins and modules.

Crowd Favorite has a history of providing innovative Open Source web development alongside an unmatched agency model that partners well with enterprise organizations.

Our Unique Approach to
Open Source Platforms

Crowd Favorite has a broad capacity to innovate and execute the digital solutions for enterprise technology problems. From roots in WordPress development and custom WordPress solutions, to mixed-framework, custom Open Source solutions, we create scalable digital solutions using Open Source web technology. We’re world-class experts in identifying the right tool for the job, and when it comes to web development, Open Source is the answer. From scalable content management solutions to powerful and pervasive languages and frameworks, or robust tools designed for singular needs, open-source software meets the needs of today's enterprise web development. Our team's commitment as an enterprise technology partner positions us to find that right Open Source solution.

Open Source solutions often extend past which content management solution to use. Development frameworks such as Laravel or React make iterative, custom, and scalable solutions easier than ever to create. The Laravel framework is one we used to extend the power of WordPress, creating a custom scalable management system for millions of image assets. React or Vue have proven to be powerful tools for creating powerful interactions, adding that finishing experience to digital solutions.


At the core of enterprise web solutions is how to manage your content. At the top of the vast list of all the CMS solutions available are WordPress and Drupal. Both are maturing into solid CMS solutions for all sizes of sites and it's no wonder why, with powerful templating tools, API capabilities, customizable permissions structures, extendability, and regular update releases, to name a few of the many features found in these. Crowd Favorite is a digital solutions agency with deep and rich history in developing for the WordPress CMS, and often contributing directly to the core software found in WordPress.

We can partner with your digital team, or act as your in-house team, bringing our years of expertise working with Open Source Software together with your ideas, so we tackle the complex digital problems you want to overcome.

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