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Integrating our uniquely qualified technical design team into the process assures delivery of websites that not only function the way they're expect to, but look and feel that way as well.

In a constantly advancing digital world, the need to translate beautiful designs into usable, functional web interfaces and applications has never been higher. Our Web Design Integration services capture the best of both worlds, ensuring a smooth transition from your brand’s digital vision to highly performing applications and websites using tools and technologies perfectly tailored to your needs.

Web applications and sites have changed drastically over the last decade. We have transitioned to interactive Content Management Systems running on a myriad of different technologies. User Interfaces have become adaptive and reactive to users’ needs and as such, simple, static mockups can no longer convey how users will interact and flow through your digital product. With our years of experience guiding Fortune 500 clients through design processes, Crowd Favorite is positioned to help you navigate the questions that come up during design, so we can create the right digital solution, realizing the approved designs.

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Today, with customers’ attention spans growing increasingly shorter, it now takes more to capture their attention. In order to stand out from your competitors, and get the edge with customers, great design and branding are key. How that design is implemented is a huge factor in your program’s ultimate success. Having your digital experience guided by an expert designer with deep technical knowledge will greatly increase the success rate of delivering a solution that is true to your vision.

At Crowd Favorite, we’re streamlining the process through Design Integration, looking at both the big picture and its components to analyze potential pain points and apply our vast technical expertise to provide you with tailored solutions and a fluid experience from inception to the final release of your digital product. Sites are no longer static, and your designs should not be either.

In the last decade, web applications and sites have changed drastically. We’ve transitioned from static sites and static designs to interactive content management systems. This is now making a new transition into the world of CMS with flexible page-building capabilities. While this empowers your staff, it also introduces new pain points. Your staff are now empowered to build and add content easily, but that flexibility can also give them the opportunity to greatly veer from the original brand and design guidelines.

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Design and development are not separated by a wall at Crowd Favorite. Our design and development teams actively work together throughout the lifespan of a project to ensure the vision for a digital solution is fully executed. While designers and developers may often work from separate spaces, each needs the skills of the other to create a complete website. This integration fosters a better focus on the goals of the project, resulting in a more complete and whole solution for our clients' needs.


Our Unique Approach to
Web Design Integration

We stop, we look at the big picture, and we plan appropriate solutions that carefully balance the needs and goals of the design against the technology requirements. Crowd Favorite takes your vision and applies the best technology to it, while staying true to its goals. Our engineers and designers bridge the gap between form and function by having our teams actively work together throughout the lifespan of a project to ensure the vision behind your digital product is met by an equally strong solution. This integration fosters a better focus on the goals of the project, resulting in a more complete and whole solution for your needs.

From the moment your vision is laid out to the final stage of the integration, our designers will ensure a smooth transition by being involved or supervising every step of the process. They will analyze every requirement, approach the visuals from every angle and coordinate with our developers in finding the best processes, technologies and techniques to make sure your vision is meticulously implemented and all your users’ needs and expectations are met.

Our design integration goes beyond regular design practices and deliverables. At Crowd Favorite, design is an overarching experience from wireframes and interactive prototypes, atomic design and mockups, to front-end technologies, interaction design and wrapping up with rigorous visual and interactive Quality Assurance sessions.


Integration involves more than prototyped visual functionality. Through atomic design techniques and principles, the Crowd Favorite team takes a deeper look into the core visual components, their interactions and dependencies for the desired functionality to make sure the right code libraries and frameworks are used, which in turn delivers an optimal experience. This granular, iterative approach allows our designers to identify and create patterns that work well together as a whole and independent of each other. Through this process, our developers are empowered to carry these principles further into code, creating a code base of reusable components from the atomic design elements and patterns. The end result is a project that is easier to engage in and work with, being logically architected. Adjustments take less time and enhancements are easier to make, given the way the code is ultimately packaged.

Good web design integration has other benefits too, such as simply having a second set of eyes on things. Designers and developers working together at Crowd Favorite as part of a unified project team are able to identify places that might need additional work or that may result in something unforeseen that requires a conversation with the client. This second set of eyes helps catch any flaws or mistakes early in the project timeline. When designers and developers collaborate, skills are brought to a higher level and communication is improved, resulting in a stronger finished product and an overall exceptional experience for our clients and their users.

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