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Extending the known capabilities of eCommerce tools that interface with WordPress, driving profit through scalable sales solutions.

Global eCommerce sales are expected to reach $4.2 trillion USD in 2020, and exceed $6.5 trillion by 2023. In this space, having the right digital strategy and solutions team is critical. Many eCommerce platforms are built lacking the powerful CMS capabilities found in content management systems. Without these, delivery of impressive content required to incentivize a purchase proves more difficult. A common solution in today’s enterprise market, is to integrate proven eCommerce systems with a robust and search engine friendly content management system such as WordPress.

Where We Excel At
Driving Profit Through
Scalable Sales Solutions

Crowd Favorite brings a more than a decade of experience developing eCommerce solutions and integrating WordPress with today’s most well-known eCommerce systems, including Oracle Commerce, Magento, Big Commerce, WooCommerce and Shopify, in order to provide a seamless online shopping experience for both internal teams and customers. Combining agile delivery of content with eCommerce is a smart idea. Well-crafted content invites more qualified visitors, helps one differentiate their brand, and evokes an enticing lifestyle. This is where WordPress eCommerce integration comes in, taking eCommerce to the next step towards success.

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Our Unique Approach to
WordPress eCommerce Integrations

Crowd Favorite's team can work with you to analyze all the parameters and develop a strategy and plan for an effective eCommerce solution. ECommerce success requires more than consideration of what products are being sold. In addition to good products, you have to think about reliable service, effective marketing, good design, scalable code, and your hosting platform. Beyond the mechanics, how your business is positioned is something to consider. Are you an early-stage startup? Is this your first foray into being online? Have you gone through a recent merger or acquisition? All of these affect eCommerce. WordPress can be the right solution for integrating eCommerce with content management:

  • WordPress is extremely versatile and customizable
  • WordPress is optimized for SEO
  • The WordPress REST API makes WordPress extendable to external systems, expanding your eCommerce capabilities.

And as eCommerce solutions iterate immature, WooCommerce is now scaling to handle projects that up until recently were only possible with more complex and expensive solutions. As WooCommerce his evolving and scaling into the enterprise it’s quickly becoming the the perfect eCommerce complement to WordPress and offers the freedom found in open-source software to shop owners to grow and and develop their shops over time. Crowd Favorite can partner with your digital team, bringing our years of expertise working with WordPress and eCommerce, to create solutions for your complex digital needs.

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