FavCreate | October 2022

Published on by Bogdan Fireteanu, Managing Partner EMEA

Welcome to FavCreate October 2022!

Once again, our amazing team submitted ideas, formed teams, and set to work on a two-day hackathon known as FavCreate! The FavCreate October 2022 ideas were some of the best we have seen! This event took place in our new Romanian Office and included a special guest: Dionne Mateos, who traveled from the States to spend time with the team. After the event concluded, our team with their families went on a mini-retreat to the country side. It was a great way to celebrate another successful FavCreate!

What is FavCreate?

Welcome to FavCreate, where our Crowd Favorite team takes a break from the daily grind to focus on our own innovative digital ideas. Twice a year, we gather together in teams for two action packed days of creativity and coding. The end result of FavCreate is not only a recharged team of Favoriteers, but also a handful of impressive digital solutions to be shared with our company and clients.

Think it. Make it. Test it. Break it. Fix it. Save it.
FavCreate it.

FavCreate October 2022 Projects

Our October 2022 FavCreate teams worked on four projects starting with proof of concept, working through a prototype/demo, and ending with presentations during our monthly company meeting.

Check out the summary of the projects for this FavCreate:

is gutenberg still a solution

Is Gutenberg Still a Solution?

We set out to determine if Gutenberg is still a valid page building solution or if there is a different page builder that's easier to use with better performance.



Using Stable Diffusion, a newly released, OpenSource AI text-to-image tool, we created a tool that will generate a color palette from a given text input.


GutenStore Locator

The idea is to create a Store Locator using Gutenberg. This would be multisite aware so stores could be added at the network level and accessed by all the sites.


Photo Vault

Photo Vault is a personal photo archiving application that will leverage scalable services provided by Amazon AWS.

And the Winner is...

FavCreate Oct 2022 Trophy
Each team presented a wonderful example of their idea and gave us much to think on, but in the end the winning team was ColorAId, the Color Palette Generator! The names of the team members: Ionut Ardeleanu, Sorin Ilie, Alex Cristache and Alex Nitu will be added to the new trophy for the next 6 months until we hold our next installment. Congratulations to everyone on another amazing FavCreate!

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