Profit Sharing Bonus Program

Published on by Jason Rosenbaum, COO

At Crowd Favorite, we believe the Company’s success is due entirely to the achievements of all its team members. As such, beginning January 1, 2022 we will roll out the Profit Sharing Bonus Program for the entire team.

We are always looking for ways to continually align the goals of our Favoriteers with the company’s goals and vice-versa. This new Profit Sharing Bonus Program does exactly that!

Jason Rosenbaum, CFO/COO, Crowd Favorite

Jason Rosenbaum
Crowd Favorite

Alignment of Goals

We believe it is important to look for ways to align the goals of our Favoriteers with the Company’s goals. The more we can recognize how the decisions we make, the output we produce, the way we think, and what kind of empathy we bring to the table in our day-to-day jobs for our customers ties to the level of success we have, the more growth is possible while reducing the disruption that generally comes with it.

Action around our Values and Mission from a Financial Perspective

The intended benefits of the Profit Sharing Bonus Program include rallying the team around our values and mission, in a financial matter. It is vital that the hard work, innovation, contributions, and dedication to our clients is recognized and shared back with all that contribute to the Company’s continued success and growth. And that’s the beauty of this program.

The Team Controls the Success of the Program

The Favoriteer team, each and every one of them, controls the outcomes as much as anyone else here. To maximize those outcomes, we believe it’s important that every person in the Company has a role to play in our financial outcomes. In addition, this Program is intended to produce workflow improvements across all departments, increased retention, and the ability, for a boutique, bootstrapped Company, to increase overall compensation for those here now and those to join in the future.

“The Profit Sharing Bonus Program is intended of course to be a means of improving overall compensation, but also a way to get the collective group thinking about optimization across the board, every day, and holding each other accountable to our standards and values."
- Jason Rosenbaum

Connecting optimal work to our optimal financial success is linear. This means each and every decision we all make at work has a rolling effect. And when that momentum gets rolling it’s hard to stop!

Profit Sharing Bonus Program is a discretionary program provided by Crowd Favorite. Crowd Favorite reserves the right to change the terms of the Program at any time at its sole discretion based on what is best for the Company.