Retail & Consumer Products

Digital Strategy for Topcon Healthcare

Leveraging a global digital strategy to streamline internal processes for an enterprise brand reaching customers across 30 countries and 10 languages.

Cellular One: customer centric design

Design sparked digital transformation for Cellular One, the oldest and longest running wireless brand, with Crowd Favorite creating a fresh, new customer-centric design.

Zuki Petshop user centric design

ZUKi Petshop, a rapidly scaling eCommerce site specializing in the pet industry, partnered with Crowd Favorite to redesign their site, maximizing speed, performance, and user experience.

Victaulic: Submittal Builder

Leveraging the aspects of an eCommerce check-out system, Crowd Favorite built Victaulic a custom, scalable system for processing data submittals.

Counter Culture Coffee: Performant eCommerce Solution

Counter Culture Coffee, a national coffee roaster, engaged Crowd Favorite to optimize their eCommerce site for speed, user experience, and growth.

Leveling Up WooCommerce for a Leading Grocer

Leveraging a WooCommerce integration solution led to double-digit growth for leading grocer.

A high-end, specialty grocer based in Texas partnered with Crowd Favorite to deliver a robust eCommerce solution featuring a curbside program that achieved an 87% Net Promoter Score.

ColourPop Cosmetics, an up-and-coming cosmetics company with a cult-like following, engaged Crowd Favorite to scale their site in anticipation of record high Cyber Monday sales.

Crowd Favorite and Bold announce they are partnering for a private beta launch of Bold Checkout, a powerful, performance enhancing checkout solution for high-growth, scaling WooCommerce retailers.

Leveraging WordPress as a Framework

WordPress continues to face adoption challenges as an enterprise-grade solution due to skepticism around Open Source tools and the rapid consumer adoption of WordPress itself. Crowd Favorite leverages its expertise in bringing Open Source solutions to the enterprise by educating IT and Marketing professionals everyday that power and scalability can be achieved by using WordPress…

Bringing Your Online Brand to Life: Engaging Digital Experiences for Your Customers

There’s a difference between having a business and running a brand. A brand stands apart because of its personality, a set of traits that make it unique, a vision statement to define its objectives, and a strategic plan for delivering that persona to your customers via an engaging digital experience. How well you align your…

Naked Mobile, a wireless provider serving the Southwestern U.S., engaged Crowd Favorite to design and develop a modern, user-friendly site that would resonate with multiple audiences.

ColourPop, an up-and-coming cosmetics company with a cult-like following, engaged Crowd Favorite to scale their site in anticipation of record high Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

80sTees, a nostalgic and nerdy t-shirt company, turned to Crowd Favorite to help evolve their business from “just another t-shirt shop” to a community of 80s geeks, fans and followers.