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What’s in Store for Retail in 2022?

The retail landscape is evolving to place more of an emphasis on creating the ideal digital customer journey, and 2022 is no different. But with the right mindset, it can also be a great opportunity for retailers. Here is what is in store for retail for 2022.

What's in store for Retail in 2022?

Key Takeaways

Customer Service Reigns Supreme

Customer service will continue to dominate the retail space. Whether it is online or instore, customers are expecting a consistent experience with your brand. Bringing the same high quality in-person customer experience online can be tricky.

Global Supply Chain Impacts Lead Times

Global supply chain issues will continue to impact retailers in 2022. Shipping delays and shortages of raw materials mean retailers will need to leverage real time data to deliver on time to customers. Just as customers are being told to plan ahead and shop early, retailers are doing the same with manufactures and suppliers.

Personalized Experiences

Retailers will increasingly need to make sure the digital experience reflects the same brand experience, down to color schemes, fonts and decor, that physical stores do. As a result, the at-home experience will more closely reflect shopping in person. Additionally, retailers will need to focus on the personalized user experience of their customers on every platform from website to social media.

Retailers that anticipate these setbacks and stay agile in their planning and promotion will win out above the competition.
– Jason Rosenbaum

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