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Creating a Successful Digital Customer Experience in Manufacturing

Creating a successful digital customer experience in manufacturing is about more than building a website or embracing eCommerce. It’s about integrating your systems to leverage the data at your disposal. Ultimately, connecting your company's goals to your customer's need for a successful digital customer experience.

Two men in orange vests in a warehouse: Successfully Creating a Digital Customer Experience in Manufacturing

Key Takeaways

Three ways to get started on creating a successful digital customer experience in manufacturing:

Explore Open Source Flexibility

Embracing Open Source content management systems gives complete control over your information and data. Doing this brings limitless customization options, saves on subscription costs, and doesn’t limit you to a specific platform.

Robust API Integration

API Integrations bring together different systems managed by groups throughout your organization. For manufacturing, a central hub of information is critical for current and future goals. From inventory to digital assets to point-of-sale systems, the need for powerful APIs that deliver insights is a game changer.

Focus on Scalability

Is your current system built to handle the current demand or random surges? Your digital properties and CMS (content management systems) needs to scale with your business. To meet the demand during your busy season, through growth of the company or products, your digital solution has to be flexible. Thus creating an adaptable platform that adjusts to the needs of your business, industry, and clients.

When every interaction with your company feels seamless, a sale is the natural conclusion – whether it’s finalized online, over the phone, or in person.
– Jason Rosenbaum

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